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KidKare Training Videos

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Intro to KidKare for Providers
For providers who participate on the CACFP and will be re-enrolling their children online. Watch this video for a brief introduction to the re-enrollment features. Learn how to access the KidKare website, find out what invitations are and how they get sent, and how to sort the columns. - 2:04
KidKare: Withdraw Child
To withdraw a child in KidKare, go to the My Kids screen, select a child, and click the Withdraw button. Own children cannot be withdrawn. To view withdrawn children, go back to the My Kids screen, click the orange gear, and select the Withdrawn option in the Filter By section. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, because withdrawn children will be listed after the active children. -0:22
KidKare: Record a Meal
To record the foods and attendance for a meal, open the menu and go to Meals and select Meal Service. Make sure you're on the right day. Select either Infants or Non-Infants. Select which meal or snack you are serving and record the serving time. Select each of the foods from the list either by typing all or part of a word to search for it or by using the scroll bar. Click or tap each child who was present at the meal. If any school aged children are present for a meal that is during normal school hour because they are sick or school is out, mark them as so by clicking or tapping the menu option next to their name. -0:57
KidKare: Add and Edit Check In and Out Times
To check children in and out each day, open the menu and go to Check In/Out. Tap or click a child's name to mark them in or out. Click the drop-down arrow to edit the times. -0:25
KidKare: View Pending and Withdrawn Children
To view pending and/or withdrawn children, go to the My Kids page. Click the orange gear shift at the top right area of the screen. Select the Pending and/or Withdrawn option. You can de-select the Active option if you want. If you leave Active selected, you'll need to scroll down past all of the Active kids to see the Pending and Withdrawn ones. -0:40