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Use Food Frequency Rules for new meal pattern
Use the Food Frequency Rules feature to limit certain foods and start discouraging foods that will not be allowed under the new meal pattern.
Food Combination Rules Feature
Use this feature to help prepare and train providers to serve a vegetable at lunch and dinner.
Create reusable menus for the new meal pattern
Create Master Menus in HX to give your providers a tool for scheduling and recording meals (that meet food program requirements) even faster! (1:24)
Meal Pattern Change Training
A recording of the Meal Pattern Change: Preparing Providers in Minute Menu HX training class. Learn how to prepare providers for the upcoming changing using tools you already have in Minute Menu HX.
Overview of KidKare
A whirlwind tour of KidKare! A fast-paced version of the basic features of the program.
Managing Users for hx2go
Learn how to use the Manage Users screen in Minute Menu HX to setup access levels for the new hx2go mobile app for recording home visits.
Quick Overview of the hx2go Administrative Website
Learn how to login to the hx2go admin site and see how to add, edit, and reorganize the questions that appear in the hx2go review app for your agency!
Validating hx2go Reviews
When using the hx2go app to record reviews, the reviews will enter into Minute Menu HX as "pending" status. The reviews can then be validated or rejected. The process of validating reviews is an internal control procedure that provides users the opportunity to perform internal edit checks before allowing the review to become an official part of the providers record. Reviews may occasionally need to be rejected due to: test records, duplicate records being entered, falsified records, incomplete records, or any other reason that you would not want the review counted as an actual review.