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Processing Claims
For Sponsors, Chains, and Independent Centers: Each month you will need to process your claims in Minute Menu CX. Watch this training video for more important information about this process. 6:39 mins.
At-Risk Center Licenses and Children
A training video for users of the Minute Menu CX program to learn how to setup and manage at-risk center licenses and how to designate children as at-risk participants. The changes to the at-risk program and to the license/schedule tab of the Manage Center Information screen are effective as of the 1.8.0 software release.
Managing the School Calendar
A training video for Sponsors of Centers and back office staff using the Minute Menu CX software. This video covers: how to use filter options on the school calendar, how to add & remove school out days, how to set school year start & end dates, and finally, how to assign schools and school districts to centers and children. 10:32 mins.
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